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The Importance of Personality in Web Development

Posted: October 9th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Web Development | Comments Off
Deidre-Bain Web & Graphic Design Website

Deidre Deda Bain Web & Graphic Design Website

I absolutely love the design and information organization on Deidre Bain’s portfolio website. By the look of her website, she’s a quite talented web and graphic designer. It’s simple, beautiful and personal. The design is so effective in giving a sense of Deidre as a person. And when you’re looking to hire a designer from the seemingly endless multitude, personality matters. But personality matters only in so far as it’s backed up by skills and aptitude. Combining the two, explaining your value as a professional designer/developer wrapped in flavors of your personality gives prospective clients a rounded picture of what you offer. Deidre does this perfectly with a mix of personal and skills-related infographics.

Clients are afraid of you
If your prospective clients are small or independent businesses, you must be accessible. Searching for someone to build a new small business website is a big–and, compared to other business marketing expenses, quite expensive–step for many entrepreneurs. For those unfamiliar, the Internet is still a land of magic and mystery. As a designer/developer, make yourself and what you do seem easy, accessible and fun. When you do, people will feel so much more comfortable contacting you.

I’ve shopped for web developers before for large companies. I was always much less impressed by those who stick strictly with trying to impress with their knowledge of complicated web technologies. Of course you need to know your stuff, but the companies I follow up with are those who seem easy to work with and aren’t brown in the eyes from their own bullsh*t.

Be clear, be nice. Make it easy for your prospective clients to say “YES!” to working with you.