Today is great because…

A new idea

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Something new I’m working on that I started 13 seconds ago.

Find your focus, then refocus

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out-of-focusNow’s probably not the best time to fire up the ol’ happiness blog. The tag line of the blog is “Today is great because…” Well, today wasn’t great at all. The last two weeks have not been great. In fact, I’ve been on something of a lower plane of mental stability for a while now. Happiness comes in waves; without lows there are no highs. (And the weeks after your gf moves out, the lows go a bit lower.)

We all go through these transition periods in our lives. As long as my highs aren’t lower than the lows that most people experience, I feel like I’m doing ok.

Thinking back, I had a different idea in mind when starting this stupid website a couple years ago–before I left it for dead and gave thought to it even less than the zero people who have ever visited it. My intention then was to focus on the positive, good (maybe great) little things in my day, or even in the days of the people around me. There’s a lot of good stuff happening all the time. SO MUCH! But it’s so easy to get bogged down into the garbage.

Recent good things/bad things/failed ideas

(not for sure which category these should fall in)
I started the initial plans/layout and marketing for a web development website that would follow my progress as I learned to code websites. I’ve had these two seemingly conflicting urges for a lot of the last few years: write things and learn to code websites. A few months ago I put together a timeline to improve my development skills. So why not start a website and share that and also keep my writing muscles in shape? That was the idea, anyway.

But I got lazy. Never completed my learning plan. Never even published the website.

Why I failed

  • I questioned myself. I thought the idea had already been done a thousand times. There are so many websites already dedicated to web development and learning it and teaching it and serving ads to people googling it. I got discouraged then started to think my idea was stupid. Then I stopped working on it.
  • I quite my learning plan. I just stopped studying and instead spent time on the couch watching movies with my girlfriend. And it was beautiful. It also turned to summer, so we went camping together and to friends’ weddings and other fun stuff.

Why I succeeded

  • I started the project. I started learning. I’m smarter and more experienced for having done the work that I did finish.
  • I didn’t let a plan or list of to-dos stop me from enjoying quality time with loved ones. It’s so easy to think that success is the divine goal–our lives turn into a series of goals and the to-dos to get there. We work hard all the time to earn our sense of accomplishment. It’s often worth the effort and conviction. Some times we also need to take advantage of the love we can share with our family members while we can get it. I don’t regret that and I will always consider it a success.

Down with Doc Brown

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While I was reading this article explaining how Doc Brown was the real villain of Back to the Future, I tried to decide if it was a waste of time or true entertainment. It was good, but total fluff. The most enjoyable reads can be full of nonsense, but this one has some valid arguments. The last time I watched Back to the Future II–which happened about three weeks ago (it was on TV, and it is one of my favorite movies)–I had similar thoughts about Doc Brown. He seemed like a really selfish lunatic. The lunatic part was written into his character…he was supposed to be the oddball outsider, which makes him even more unlikely to have invented something of as much monumental importance as a time machine. But it was his selfishness that struck me the most.

We learn that Doc has been hoping around in time just to see what happens. Just to see if there’s maybe something that might possibly need changing. That’s just poor management of your time machine. At the beginning of II, he comes back to get Marty because they need to save his future son. That is, his goal was to fuck with the space-time continuum for a pretty minor reason: Marty’s kid goes to jail. Then, when they get to the future, Doc immediately knocks out Jennifer and dumps her in a pile of garbage. (Rude!) From their everything goes chaotic and Doc struggles to meet his objectives.

Anyway, I won’t critique Back to the Future or the fact that ol’ Doc Brown really caused all the eventual shit storms he had to later solve (with all the necessary hover boards and Calvin Klein product placement). But I think this article has some valid points.  Even more, the video below points out something of much greater concern:

Back to the Future 3 kid pointing to his

Wrap it up

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I can’t tell you what’s inside of these beautiful packages, but trust that they’re filled with the awesome wedding gifts I promised last time. I thought these two paper patterns would go together better than they do. The colors match up, but the repetitive pattern of the bottom package feels boring and clashy against the scattered floral.  The former Paper Source employee in me wants to wrap a ribbon around these. I think I’ll do some twine instead.

awsome wedding present

This is what fiances want. I hope.