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The Sweets Mission

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Rock Candy Chadelier at Sugar Sugar Candy in Minneapolis

Rock Candy Chadelier at Sugar Sugar Candy in Minneapolis

Often, it takes having out-of-town company to enjoy things in the city that I take for granted.  Mom, Dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephew came to town this weekend. They had a wedding to attend. But in the extra time we had, we explored a few of my favorite sweets emporiums. My sister is a baker and candy maker. This is a new business she’s starting so, for now, it’s still just a side gig of hers. She’s always doing research. There are so many wonderful places in Minneapolis to find sweet inspiration–we’ve got a longer tour planned for the future of all the new local Minneapolis & St. Paul bakeries popping up–so in the limited time we had I took her to the best candy store in Minneapolis and to try the best chocolate chip cookies.

Sugar Sugar Candy is a cute and unique candy shop. It reminds me of an old-fashioned drug store. But clean and stocked instead with the delicious elixir of hard to find old school candies (think Oh Henry! candy bar), top-shelf chocolate bars (think Rogue Chocolatier) and bulk candies (gummy worms, the best ultimate malted milk balls you’ll ever taste). The selection is broad and often kitchy, but Sugar Sugar really shines in the design of the space and the antique merchandising racks. It’s a destination and an experience. You’ll leave having spent at least $10 on candy. And you’ll be perfectly happy that you did.

For my money, the best chocolate chip cookie in Minneapolis is found at Lucia’s bakery. It’s the perfect amount of crisp outside to soft, chewy middle and packed with as much dark chocolate as any one could ever need. Despite the deliciousness of my sister’s chocolate chip cookies, I want her to try to replicate the Lucia’s recipe so I can bake them at home.

Today: backattit

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I’m back in that place where I’m highlighting all the negative things around me. Just check out my twitter stream. It’s full of things that disappoint me, or humorously call out things I hate. But being that negative isnt really all that funny.

people everywhere

people everywhere

Today: I got up early, made an egg and some jelly toast and had enough time to spend 30 minutes writing. That’s amazing. Especially following on the heels of a winter where I slept late and didn’t have enough non-work time to put out some words.

I’ve been wanting to recap my weekend trip to Milwaukee and Chicago. I had a great time and came back home inspired to get active again. Part of it is the spring weather that’s finally arriving. But I think travel is necessary to shine light on unsavory everyday habits. That is also a big part of why I feel ready to DO again. I’m excited to see how this pays off for me.

Michael Chabon publishes excerpt of abandoned novel

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When people ask me who my favorite author is, I give them a simple answer: Chabon. I’m getting more and more comfortable with my uncomfortable love for Michael Chabon. I often feel the need to answer with the name of some long-dead great-of-the-greats author, like Melville or Tolstoy, or some obscure dude/lady you‘ve never heard of and that I’ve hardly read. Because the best authors are DEAD, not alive and still writing! It’s kind of like how the best albums of any musician were those recorded before you ever heard of them–Springsteen, Bright Eye, Meatloaf…name anyone, it doesn’t matter. If it happened before you, it was greatness. Classics don’t live in the modern age; classics live in history. **

Chabon is good stuff and he is happening now! Now!

fountain city in McSweeney'sA few years ago, after reading all the available Chabon that I knew of at the time–The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, A Model World, Wonderboys and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, my Chabon love was in full force and I was itching for more. I started reading his website. It was a homemade html and image map layout that, I think, Chabon created and maintained himself. It was amateurish (sorry MC, it‘s true), but wonderful in its effort and, even more, in the hidden nuggets of writing that he made available: blog posts, old essays and speeches, including a guide to the pronunciation of the name Chabon (hint: it’s not Che as in Guevara, but Shea as in stadium). He also told of a mysterious, mythical abandoned novel called Fountain City. I dreamed of the wonderful things it would contain. I wanted it. *^

So I was super excited to see today that the first 4 chapters of Fountain City will be published in the next issue of McSweeney’s. Even if Chabon couldn’t get the whole thing together enough to publish as a novel. I promise you right now that I will buy this and love those 4 chapters just like I would have back in 2003.

**This is all a silly way of thinking that I probably picked up by going to English classes in college and having too many discussions about music.

*^I apparently overlooked the fact that the first chapter was available even back then!!!

Deep Linkage, Rumpuses and Running

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I’ve been scouring the internet and twitter for awesome wordy stuff and I’ve been finding a ton. Apparently, the internet is full of websites about stuff that I’m interested in.  Like the Rumpus, which is one of my new favorite bookish sites. There’s also Indigest magazine, which seems to be based, at least partially, out of Minneapolis. HTML Giant is fun and weird. But Paper Darts is probably my favorite new find. It’s all stuff words, art and music. It’s local (awesome) and they’re doing a print version. If you’re in Minneapolis, you can find a lot of local word related stuff by following them on Twitter.

I’ve been needing to find resources like this. There are a lot of really active people out there. That is inspirational to me.

Also, I went running for the first time in three weeks. It felt great.