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The Sweets Mission

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Rock Candy Chadelier at Sugar Sugar Candy in Minneapolis

Rock Candy Chadelier at Sugar Sugar Candy in Minneapolis

Often, it takes having out-of-town company to enjoy things in the city that I take for granted.  Mom, Dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephew came to town this weekend. They had a wedding to attend. But in the extra time we had, we explored a few of my favorite sweets emporiums. My sister is a baker and candy maker. This is a new business she’s starting so, for now, it’s still just a side gig of hers. She’s always doing research. There are so many wonderful places in Minneapolis to find sweet inspiration–we’ve got a longer tour planned for the future of all the new local Minneapolis & St. Paul bakeries popping up–so in the limited time we had I took her to the best candy store in Minneapolis and to try the best chocolate chip cookies.

Sugar Sugar Candy is a cute and unique candy shop. It reminds me of an old-fashioned drug store. But clean and stocked instead with the delicious elixir of hard to find old school candies (think Oh Henry! candy bar), top-shelf chocolate bars (think Rogue Chocolatier) and bulk candies (gummy worms, the best ultimate malted milk balls you’ll ever taste). The selection is broad and often kitchy, but Sugar Sugar really shines in the design of the space and the antique merchandising racks. It’s a destination and an experience. You’ll leave having spent at least $10 on candy. And you’ll be perfectly happy that you did.

For my money, the best chocolate chip cookie in Minneapolis is found at Lucia’s bakery. It’s the perfect amount of crisp outside to soft, chewy middle and packed with as much dark chocolate as any one could ever need. Despite the deliciousness of my sister’s chocolate chip cookies, I want her to try to replicate the Lucia’s recipe so I can bake them at home.

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