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Today: backattit

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I’m back in that place where I’m highlighting all the negative things around me. Just check out my twitter stream. It’s full of things that disappoint me, or humorously call out things I hate. But being that negative isnt really all that funny.

people everywhere

people everywhere

Today: I got up early, made an egg and some jelly toast and had enough time to spend 30 minutes writing. That’s amazing. Especially following on the heels of a winter where I slept late and didn’t have enough non-work time to put out some words.

I’ve been wanting to recap my weekend trip to Milwaukee and Chicago. I had a great time and came back home inspired to get active again. Part of it is the spring weather that’s finally arriving. But I think travel is necessary to shine light on unsavory everyday habits. That is also a big part of why I feel ready to DO again. I’m excited to see how this pays off for me.