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Big Machine

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Friday off?! That’s right. I did run a work errand or two, but other than that it was all this dude’s day. Which means coffee and a book, among other wonderful things. I finally had  a chance to finish Big Machine by Victor LaValle. I started it over a month ago. Poor Big Machine came into my life at a time when I was forced to put it down multiple times to read multiple other books (Magicians, part of a short story collection and a business “self-help” inspirational that I won’t share the title of, but which was REALLY good). Unfortunately for Mr. LaValle, his story got lost on me in those scattered and splintered readings. I can’t give credit to the novel that it’s probably owed.  It was good. Entertaining, even.  But not exciting. (I will say that I love the cover art of the edition I was reading: a simple spiraling watercolor.)

This happens more often these days than I should admit. Life, man, maybe I’d say if I felt I needed a vague excuse. But I don’t. Sometimes I’d just rather read something else for a while. And when I need to finish a book club novel by next Tuesday, I gotta get on it and temporarily forget about all other books.

Please accept my apologies, Big Machine.