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Photos of these things

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I thought up a great idea for a new website. It’s called “Photos of this Thing” (, probably). And this will be the first photo posted:

this thing
this thing

Do you also have a picture of a thing that you’re not really sure what it is, but it’s cool looking and probably a lot of people have also taken a photo of it because they thought it was cool looking? Cool. That can go on the site.

I recently bought a new camera (Canon T2i) so I’ve been taking a lot of photos.  I love it so far. It takes great photos and hi-def video.

It’s going to be a rule to keep it in my bag so I always have it with. After work tonight, I biked the long way home along the Mississippi . The weather was perfect and just a bit cool. The sun was out.

I saw this lady running:



I stood under the new I-35W bridge. I had a quick surge of paranoia when I thought, “what if it falls on me?”

I-35 W Bridge Minneapolis, MN

I-35 W Bridge Minneapolis, MN

One of my favorite Minneapolis graffiti artists had a few new pieces up along the Greenway bike path: HOT TEA.

hot tea yarn graffiti

hot tea yarn graffiti

I love this. If you can’t tell, it’s yarn woven through the chain link fence. Clever!  I’m not completely opposed to a bit of property beautification by way of spray paint, but I like that this is subtle and temporary. That’s probably why I’ve only seen remnants before, a few remaining letters with loose string blowing in the breeze. There’s just something about the square, straight letters that makes me feel calm.

Wrap it up

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I can’t tell you what’s inside of these beautiful packages, but trust that they’re filled with the awesome wedding gifts I promised last time. I thought these two paper patterns would go together better than they do. The colors match up, but the repetitive pattern of the bottom package feels boring and clashy against the scattered floral.  The former Paper Source employee in me wants to wrap a ribbon around these. I think I’ll do some twine instead.

awsome wedding present

This is what fiances want. I hope.

What do fiances want?

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It’s been a really busy few days full of dinners, weddings, driving all over the city (I mean Bloomington, Richfield, Roseville, Golden Vally, Edina; enough suburbs to drive a man insane). All that driving in pursuit of the perfect wedding gift for my sister. What an impossible endeavor it is to get a thoughtful gift for someone!! And so fuel inefficient.

I’ve had this debate before and even asked real life married people: do you actually want the stuff on your gift registry, do you want something original and thoughtful, or do you just want cash?  The general answer: it depends. First, everyone wants cash. Weddings are expensive to host.  Second, are you really close with the person getting married? She’s my sister, so yes.  Which, I’m told, means I have fair reign to go “off registry.” That’s a blessing and a curse. I’m not locked in the realm of mundane dish towels and mixing bowls yet I have no idea what to get besides supplies for the home. As is sometimes true in life, fewer rules, more possibility, brings greater stress. I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks for a memorable gift.  But, as yet, I have nothing. And with only 4 days to spare.

Stay tuned for the grand resolution of the “wedding gift” cliff hanger.

Deep Linkage, Rumpuses and Running

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I’ve been scouring the internet and twitter for awesome wordy stuff and I’ve been finding a ton. Apparently, the internet is full of websites about stuff that I’m interested in.  Like the Rumpus, which is one of my new favorite bookish sites. There’s also Indigest magazine, which seems to be based, at least partially, out of Minneapolis. HTML Giant is fun and weird. But Paper Darts is probably my favorite new find. It’s all stuff words, art and music. It’s local (awesome) and they’re doing a print version. If you’re in Minneapolis, you can find a lot of local word related stuff by following them on Twitter.

I’ve been needing to find resources like this. There are a lot of really active people out there. That is inspirational to me.

Also, I went running for the first time in three weeks. It felt great.