Today is great because…

Alphabetizing, Barry, Big Machine, Thunder

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Jeez…when the day starts out rainy it’s really easy to not leave the house. Most people don’t like to walk about in the rain. Imagine that! After a few hours reading “Big Machine” by Victor LaValle, which is finally becoming interesting and difficult to put down. (There’s something about the short chapters–2-10 pagers–and the perfectly vague, but driving plotting  that can easily suck from me 2 hours.)  By the time the thunder and the noise of rain had let down to nothing I’d put down a few cups of coffee and a dozen chapters.

I’ve lived in this apartment for almost 10 months now. In that time, I’ve slowly found places for some of my things. But not all. My room has been a mix of shelves stocked in disorganized layers and things pushed into corners. So today, I emptied the book shelf, laid all the fiction separate from the non- and sifted until there was some alphabetized order to the mess. Because they don’t all fit and because I have so much other crap to find places for, it still looks like a totally chaotic!

disgruntled bookshelf

disgruntled bookshelf

In that process, I found a pack of celebrity trading cards that I forgot I’d picked up at the $1 store.  I now have a Barry Bostwick and a Charlene Tilton up for trade. What do you have?

Barry Bostwick trading card

Barry Bostwick trading card

So all that makes this a pretty productive day. Now I’m going to convince my dinner dates to get some Indian food and hope the wind goes down before I make my way to a backyard bonfire.

Today: awesome for its lack of computer and Internet time (excluding right now)

Make it happen!

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I’m a huge fan of inspirational sayings.  Here’s my favorite, crafted out of many post-it notes:

Make it happen post it

Make it happen! Made from post-it notes. c/o Design Sponge

Now I’m going to go do some of this. You should too. Doesn’t really matter what it is.

My number 4

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Most of my non-work, non-friend free time–alone time–is usually spent in only a few ways:

  1. Looking at the Internet
  2. Riding my bike
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Thinking about/learning how to make websites

The last two don’t get as much attention as the first two, even though they’re things I should be spending most of my time on.  (Reading is just a neutral. Not wasteful. Not productive (in the tangible end product sort of way).) <–pretty sure that’s incorrect punctuation.

But this week has been a week of number 4, (not this number 4, ok, maybe some of that too.) If I were paying myself hourly to write, I’d have made some money this week.  Isn’t it funny though that you can’t be paid hourly for something like writing? If it was just the simple act of spending time putting down words, we’d all be making CASH! But it’s bigger than time spent. And that’s good. It takes work, and thought. Concentration, dedication and time!

Working on two projects at once has been keeping me productive. I alternate from writing one story to editing a different one. Each process is draining and exhilarating in different ways. If I’m sick of being super critical of the story I’m editing, I just move to the new story for a bump of purely creative time. Or vise-versa. It’s awesome.

Throw in trying to learn javascript so I can make a new website for a friend and there’s another, opposite part of my brain getting into the mix. My brain loves the diversity.

Here’s the dumbest explanation of brain diversity I’ve ever read.  According to this, I’m a left-brain thinker AND a right-brain thinker.  I’m a BRAIN THINKER and I’d be a good librarian, sales clerk or yoga instructor.  Actually, that’s probably pretty accurate.