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to my future colliding

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I just read this blurb about Ken Kalfus short story collection “Thirst” and it made me feel simultaneously excited and depressed.

These stories mine a vast terrain of geography and metaphorsketching portraits of people caught in the seismic collision of cultures, be they real, hallucinated, dreamed, or desired. With his inimitable combination of the “comic, surreal, and nostalgic” (Sunday Oregonian).

I love this! I think this is the exact description I’d like applied to my own stories.  I’m all about seismic collisions.  I’m all about desires and hallucinations.  But when thinking about my stories, there is very little colliding, very little of any heavy grating of  one thing against another.  My stories are a fine grit sandpaper to the more intense intergalactic forces I’m assuming exist in “Thirst.” I’ve never read Kalfus, so I can’t say if it’s accurate or not, but it’s on the the publisher’s website (Milkweed Editions) so it must be spot on.

On that note, I’ve been writing some, but definitely note enough to start the fires I need with my little raspings.  I”ve been tied up with turning a year older, which brings with it inter-state travel and gallons of booze. I’ve been tied up with food poisoning, which brings with it many unmentionable fluid things.  I’ve been tied up with the turning of the season from ghastly cold to “I just might make it” warm and all the wonderful outdoor activities it allows.

But now I have a new goal to be more seismic with my collisions that will drive me forward through all these minor obstructions.