Today is great because…

no words; totally boss

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Today: music makes me feel good.

Words really aren’t necessary to explain why finding Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. for $4 makes me feel good.

The sleeve is in great shape


There isn’t a single scratch on the record, including on Lost in the Flood.  I’ve included a little taste below and I’m going to need you to enjoy the hell out of it.

On top of that, tonight I prepared a package to send to a friend in Pennsylvania (presented here amongst Springsteen records). Get ready for some coffee, York, PA.
So yeah, try to beat that.

Spare Pickings

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Today: Memories of free tacos, careful coffee and the beach!

I’ve been endlessly bored lately.  I had nothing but free time this weekend and all these past weeknights.  There hasn’t been enough true excitement to fill them.  The Olympics are on.  I could watch those.  But I’m so out of practice, that I can hardly stand watch television anymore.  Car commercials really make me want to murder myself.

Friday night I hit up Pancho with Jared and got some enchiladas.  We walked back to my place after dinner for a beer.  When he left he forgot the to-go box.  Tacos for breakfast!

Saturday I checked out the new bike/coffee bar called Angry Catfish.   We had the Brazil French pressed (I’m guessing it was the Agua Preta, ‘cuz that’s the only Brazil on their site, but I can’t remember what the AC menu said.).  It’s fun to have a cafe brew Intelligentsia. The hype is so big and I’ve only ever had it in a home drip brewer.  Angry Catfish also sells fancy bikes.  Bikes and coffee…there couldn’t be a better combination than that.   And then I forced KB to look at my Costa Rica photos.  Not all 600+ of them, but lots.

I should do a full write up of the trip.  I’ve been working on one, but that’s not for here.  It’s also really shaping up to be dreamy and full of imposed epiphanies about how connected every cup of coffee is to the farmers who do the laborious part of getting coffee to my coffee machine.  Blah. I’ll see what I’m in the mood for.

For now, I picked less than this in 30 minutes.  Below that, you’ll see the combined pickings of all 14 of us.  Pretty meager.


our pickings

Costa Rica Beach!

And of course we went to the beach after all that hard work.  We earned it.