Today is great because…


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Minneapolis, how can I be mad at you when you look at me like that?

I’ll miss¬† you while I’m away, but time apart is good for us both.¬† And I know you’ll be exactly the same when I return.


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Our little boy’s first animated gif.

preparing for bike season

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I’ve been nursing a knee and hip injury for half a decade now. It’s never been anything too major and I don’t even know how the pain started. Advil or Aleve used to be enough to take care of it. Eventually, it got worse and started to make biking unpleasant. That’s when I sucked it up and went to physical therapy (this also happened AFTER I got health insurance). The therapist had no explanation. After a few months of consistent exercise things started to feel better. Then I stopped the squats and leg lifts and all the other things that had helped. And things got worse.
So I’m back at it now. And I’m extremely surprised to find out that these have helped:
feeling the burn
They kind of make me feel like a puppy walking in booties. But I’ve been walking around my apartment with these things strapped on and miraculously, the ol’ leg is starting to feel better. I can’t give all the credit to leg weights. I’ve also been getting down on the floor and doing some yoga. My hip flexors, groin and calves have never felt so stretchable. It’s almost February and getting on toward biking season. I need to be ready and in shape.
Today’s inspiration: feeling better.

Fat rubber and moleskin

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I finally got the bike out again after the mid-winter hard freeze. It’s been bitter out there (but so happy and warm in here). After two weeks of bus commuting I’ve gotten soft. The saddle is hard than it used to be, my lungs are softer than they were in December. A person turns into a squash in just days without enough body movement.
Wednesday night I put the fenders on the bike bike and outfitted it with the extra-fats…2.33″ tires is considered paltry by some these days and probably straight up wussy by others. But I don’t care ’bout them. It’s big enough for me and makes for fun winter riding…

This is what it looks like when I'm about to run you over

This is what it looks like when I'm about to run you over

This thing has been blasting over snow piles! Tomorrow, I plan to go for a ride that doesn’t have a final destination set to my cubicle. It has been months since the end of my ride has been anything but the job.

In a week I’ll be heading to Costa Rica. So today, I finally started to plan a little bit.
First, I booked a hostel for the first night there. (The following four nights will be spent at a fancy hotel, so no need to worry about booking more than that yet.)
Second, I’ve run out of notebooks. So I stopped by the book store on the way home and picked up some of these: in red! in red!

I’ve become a huge fan of the kraft covered blank page moleskins recently. Soft cover, light and portable. Perfect for writing and drawing. And because my writing lines are smaller than even a lined moleskin–I don’t like too much white space–the blank pages are perfect. I can tiny words in short wavering lines until the pages look black with scribbles.
Thirdly, well, I guess that’s all I’ve done to prepare so far. Next step is to throw some swimming trunks in a backpack, charge up the camera and prepare myself for swimming and drinking a bunch of coffee.

Inspiration for today: All of the above.