Today is great because…

Beautiful Losers

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Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

This movie is sooo wonderful! Even if you’re not a former skateboard kid, you’ll be moved by the pure honesty in the way these artists approach their work, each other and the world. I was in a sour mood last night and randomly found it on Netflix (available to watch online) watched it and spent the rest of the evening and all of today inspired. By both the art and the artists. You do the things you need to do to survive. Whatever form of expression that comes in, that is your art, that is your survival. Keep going.

sheesh yeah!

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I’m buying gifts for people this year.  Many years I try to make a few gifts.  There is very little hand-crafting happening in my life lately. No one will be receiving something from me that took more effort than to select, purchase and wrap.  HOWEVER (!), I think that’s what most of my family wants anyway. Thought, care and time don’t always translate perfectly across the distance that exists between me and my relatives. There’s no hand-made revival in my family; those arts never died.  Everyone sews, patches, builds, designs, creates all the time.   It’s not about being cool or fashionable.  That’s just life and it’s great. So if that means I need to buy a crock pot for someone because they want it, then sheesh, I’m happy to give it to them.

Today (and always): My family is actually pretty rad.

Let’s make up

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This thing has gotten away from me.  This blog of wonderful things has been tainted by my sour-puss.  So here are a bunch of awesome things about today and/or the world in general:

  1. I found out that my work is paying for me to go to Central America to tour farms!  This will be amazing for a number of reasons, most notably for the fact the MY WORK IS PAYING FOR ME TO GO TO CENTRAL AMERICA! I leave in January and I will see BTed and RAed ladies in bikinis according to google (and also waterfalls).
  2. It snowed last night, so today was the first day of trudging awkwardly through snow drifts and blocking my face from blizzard-like winds.  I do not hate the snow. I like the snow and I really don’t mind winter. I welcome it.
  3. I didn’t spend a majority of the day searching for rogue hairs in my beard, as has been typical, because I shaved it all off this morning. I’m back to my baby face. I like it.
  4. I was reviewing some video I shot at the Mississippi this weekend.  It turned out really nice, even though it’s unusable for what I’d intended for it. I think some still images from it will work nicely.
  5. I recently found the twitter account shitmydadsays, which is full of quotes from a cantankerous 70-year-old man and I love it. You will too.
  6. I want to take bike adventures and then write about them. (Though I’d probably do it without including inflatable rafts.)
  7. It has come to my attention that Tiger Woods is a sex addict. I wish I did not know this, however, it has caused me to google ‘tiger sexing’ and end up with this video of white tigers doing it.  It’s probably as good as some kind of magic potion. Watch it and you shall be cured! (I have not yet watched it as I do not need to be cured of not-feeling-nauseated.)
  8. I’m listening to Miles Davis, drinking tea and writing things.  I am the personification of the ideal image I have created of myself. I am currently the ideal me. Mostly.
  9. I’m going to go do some yoga now. +1 for tight abs and lean hamstrings.

The cutest kittens

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Today:  The record I wanted to listen to was already on the player waiting for a go ’round.  I don’t know if that’s a lucky turn of fate or that I have been listening to the same record on repeat for the last few weeks.  It’s of no regard. But it’s a good thing.

THE park

I bicycle by this park most days on the way to work.  Ahh, the sunlight in the morning is a wonderful thing.  I’ve never sat on that park bench.  Maybe I’ll stop one morning and just sit for a few minutes.

Today was one of those days when I seek out conversation.   I had a few good 20 minute conversations with strangers on the phone.  Sat with two just-past-middle-age women over lunch and listened to stories about girlfriends, interjected my perspective on beards, ate doritos. Spent idle minutes with the roommates drinking hot chocolate.  We watched cute videos of kittens.

An excerpt from this morning before work: “I’m furiously taking in coffee while tapping my pen against the air along with Pink Floyd So ya, thought ya, might like to, go to the show.”

An excerpt from this evening: “I’m bored.”