Today is great because…


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Thanks to everyone who made yesterday a great day.  Thanks, Mark, for the fenders.  Thanks, Shinano, for the Regina Spektor cd.  Thanks, Pete, for the beer.  Thanks, Spyhouse, for the coffee on two separate visits. Thanks, Pancho Villa, for the delicious burrito.  Thank you to everyone else for the conversation, high-fives and handshakes.  Erin, good luck and I hope you enjoy Chicago.  Jared and Ellen, happy couple co-birthday; I’m glad I got to see you because I hardly ever do.  Travis, happy 30th. It’s going to be a great year.

I trust

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I’m sitting here in my bedroom listening to Electric Light Orchestra and waiting for a few more minutes before jacketing-up and heading over to B’s place. Seems like the start to an epic evening, no? Yes. But I’m not in the mood for epic.So, anyway, it’s cold. It’s getting near to winter time and I’m starting to get antsy and anxious. I’m getting that cold-weather feeling that I need to start getting things done, or else…
Once the summer is officially sealed closed with the first snow fall, I start to need check marks on lists of goals. I start to hate the day job more and more. I start seeking for ways out from that. But learning to balance goals with needing to be with people, is a delicate, difficult matter.
No resolutions to these matters tonight. Time for a cold evening bike ride.

sun porches

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There’s no reason to start this post other than that it’s the morning and I’m awake.  That seems like reason enough, right?

Sunday morning and it’s not quite as sunny as yesterday.  But there’s also no snow outside, and there was a thin cover of snow when I woke up yesterday. Minuses.  Pluses.  It all adds up to another Sunday morning sitting on the sun porch watching bike traffic pass by outside the windows.  What a wonderful way to start the day.

I’ve spent the weekend mostly alone and at home trying to recover from a cold.  Yesterday afternoon I walked over to Spyhouse to do a little writing and ended up staying for 4 hours.  Only about three of those hours were spent writing.  The other was a mix of working on the movie website, reading a random travel blog and gchatting with e.  I’m learning to not talk about projects too much before their completed.  So I won’t tell you what I’m writing. Telling about it now would jinx it for certain failure–or certain non-completion, at least.

The coffee just finished brewing so it’s on to other projects.

Today’s: taking projects all the way to their end.

It’s my time down here

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My vacation energy is all gone.  No more of that residual exhilaration left to push me along.  I’m doing ok despite that. I am, in fact, feeling great.  I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve been doing.  This was almost never the case before.  And it’s because I’m choosing what I spend my time on, not just fluttering about at the whim of the world.

Today I’m going to work early after some yoga and blogging.  Which means I get to leave early so I have time to work on the PL website before bowling league (first night tonight!)

Today: It’s going to be a good one.