Today is great because…


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“I thought we were just partying. This whole time you guys had other goals? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

It’s really a weird feeling when you consider something mundane and end up finding a new way think about it that completely changes your perspective. I’ve been having these minor epiphanies a lot lately. I think they spring from looking at things that are so commonplace I never take the time to think very much about them. I can’t give you an example–they’re all a bit too personal, too difficult to explain and, seriously, mundane.
I’ll say:
I think it’s really helpful to consider why people do the things they do. What’s even more telling, so much more deeply interesting, is to consider what people do NOT do. It’s the small things in a person’s life that they hold back on that show you the nuts and bolts of what they are really made of.
Today: Considering that what I ‘know’ isn’t necessarily the truth.

And also

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And this quote:

“The act of making anything is an affirmation of living in real time. You are alive and you are making something. The purpose is to put ideas and love into the world and hope that they come back from all the other lovely, isolated or crowded minds out there.”
-Blake Schwarzenbach

Short, but worthy

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Some days I wait out bedtime. After sleep comes a new day. And new days are so often better than old days. So some days I let flutter away the remains of an evening, look towards a night’s sleep and a new wonderful sunny morning filled full of potential.
The waiting out of a day typically comes in the form of television or riding the surf around the internet. I’m moving this week. So the television is unplugged and my eyes have already posted flags of conquest at outposts spread all across the web.
Today’s: Writing this instead of pilfering valuable time from myself.


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Today: I love being clever and stealing ideas.

Thinking up clever titles to posts, thinking of new funny (to me at least) ways to say things is how I survive. It’s why I even enjoy writing in the first place.
I’m a lover of bad puns and incorrect sentence structure.
However, I don’t usually like winging it. I enjoy a good couple read-thrus and edits before I send an email, before I publish a post. The ass is tight, but what comes out, when it does, is rainbow-colored and wearing clown shoes.

Clowning is a craft.

This dance-jam Dragonforce video is the coolest thing on the internet:
(Not really, but it excites me greatly. I’ll be honest, I did just want to jam to some dragonforce. But this surprise was much better.)